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She pleads for them to kill her, but Chihaya tells her to live, even if living is painful. Kotarou, weakened by his hospitalization, works up the resolve to find Kotori and confess to her, but gets cold feet at the last second, since he doesn't want to jeopardize their already fragile and awkward friendship.

A complete rewrite of the Mobile version. Years later, Kotori and the other four main leads resurrect Kotarou then named Pochi by Lucia as the five girls' personal familiar.

This is the way they seemingly heal people, and why most of those healed by the holy women choose to serve them. On one of this occasions, she snuck out and entered the forest where Gaia and Guardian were battling. Rewrite akane themeforest invites three other girls into the occult rewrite akane themeforest society who are also heroines in the game.

Quality is a very big concern for us and we took serious measures to fix this issue. This gets to the point where they ask her about it, and after vehemently denying being a shut-in, she deliberately has all of them follow her to her "house", which turns out to be a net cafe.

Kotori is the second of the heroines to ever meet Kotarou, but is the first to appear and to be mentioned in the game. Takasago would have killed Kotarou if not for Akane using her scout-bird to swipe away his weapon.

Upon returning to Gaia headquarters they learn that Sakura Kashima has died. Akane smiles and tells him that he is correct: One of said familiar carries a neurotoxin designed to immobilize the Key.

The prizes are fifty thousand yen and a marriage package good for until the company goes bankrupt. Despite not being physically fit and complaining a lot along the way, Akane did go into the forest twice with the Club. He might have caught her attention when he forces her door open along with Kotori, and leaves a note on her desk.

Kotarou takes the girls to the Moon where they are shown circled around a seedling as the embodiment of the Moon's Kagari sprouting on the otherwise barren regolith.

The third girl did not fear her powers and did the same thing as the first girl, however she also met the same fate, and wondered if she'd have a successor.

On their way back, Kotarou asks Kotori to marry him. An image song album titled Pureness Rhapsodysung by Saya Shinomiya and Risa Asaki, the voice actresses who voiced Chihaya and Lucia respectively, was released on December 29, at Comiket Nice doing business with you, Kuno-baby," she said, as she headed outside for lunch.

Kotori cries from happiness, surprised. Of course, this was only a ruse, and she appears before them to tell them to not be nosy about her business. She was later taken in to Gaia under Sakura Kashima 's care, and became the one to receive the transcription of the Holy Women 's memories.

Aside from Moon, Terra, and her own route, Kotori makes no direct appearances after the common route ends. Akane is introverted and avoidant of crowds, to the point of being teased for being a shut-in in many occasions. End of Spoiler Warning.

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Akane is a heroine of Rewrite who attends Kotarou's high school one year above him. She is the president of the school's occult research society, and is known as the "School Witch" due to an air of mystery that she gives off. Nov 15,  · Again, his ability to rewrite himself so much without much change in the “power gauge” looks like a plot-hole that could be explained in the true routes.

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Unfortunately, Kotarou fails, and Key gets killed. When he and Akane get back to the headquarters, they learn of Kahsima Sakura’s death. What do you all think about Akane's route? Is it the end for humanity? I don't think that it is as hopeless as some people have made it out to be. The key was killed by Kotarou before salvation was complete, so there may be a small number of survivors on the outside.

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Dec 17,  · Akane's theme from original soundtrack of Key's visual novel "Rewrite". Disc 1, track 10 - "Anthurium".


Composed & arranged by Ryō Mizutsuki. ©VisualArt's/Ke.

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