Causes and effects of truancy on academic performance of pupils in schools

The population was all the teachers in the 6 six selected Primary schools in Edati Local Government Area. What factors are responsible for Truancy in primary Schools? However, legitimate means to achieve educational success might be measured by good school grades and type of school.

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Most parents do not visit school except in response to problems. It has rendered so many useless, with the cumulative effect on their families and even countries. For these reasons, families and citizens especially the youth and children now pay more attention to education.

It has no relation to home schooling. A child who engages in this act is therefore referred to as a Truant. While they are away from school, they exercise freedom in engaging in a 4 lot of juvenile delinquencies like fighting and drug abuse.

Consequently no nation, government, organization or family makes effective impact and lasting successes in their daily affairs without having educated citizens, officers, workers who had clearer understanding of their obligations, functions or responsibilities, observe the laws, apply policies and co-operate in its affairs.

A The emotional attachment to meaningful persons directs individual behavior to the wishes and expectations of significant others.

The Effect Of Truancy On The Academic Performance of Senior Secondary School Students in Nigeria

The two terms are partly used synonymously with the notions of school tiredness, school absenteeism, school phobia, school refusal behavior etc. Financial problem may slower the collection and communication between the researcher and the clientele.

Lack of god relationship between teachers and pupils causes truancy. These includes family poor standard of living, whereby parents cannot provide necessities of life for their children. Discipline as a concept is very important in the practice of education.

It is crucial that students know their teacher knows and cares about them. A learner who lacks self-discipline can not learn effectively.

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In this context, Merton especially refers to social outcasts Merton Once students have shared their 17 interests, encourage them to read and write about them. The number of questionnaires used.

Many of our youths now run away from schools while in many of the cases, the parents believe they are attending school classes. Student progress is closely monitored in order to identify those who fail to respond to the intervention s. Besides, improper and inappropriate adjustment both home and school circumstance can give rise to act of truancy.

In fact, this particular case presents the most common factorcausing about 50 percent of students not making themselves available in school. However, the effort invested by the federal government of Nigeria on education had over the years proven a fruitful and promising reward to national development posing a lively hope for the better in the immediate future.

Schools should help in training of teachers to work with parents, hiring or appointing a parent liaison and to arrange for parent meetings through which parents will have a voice in school decisions, by so doing the problem of school truancy will be reduced.

Many times these peers are seen encouraging truancy as a status-seeking activity or as a way of joining in or blending in. With reference to the prevention and reduction of training when its nature and causes are known, the individual pupils are more likely to overcome the instructional problem and educational objectives will appear to be easily achievable.

The researcher also discovered that truants. Statement of Problem Different pupils have their peculiar problems and should be considered on individual bases and help should be given that suits their particular circumstances. It is of no doubt that several factors have posed relentless restriction to the trend of 2 the rapid development in education; for which truancy in both student and teachers in primary and secondary schools has been a cankerworm to education.

Do not give up 24 Every one of us faces trials in our lives.


To investigate the effect of truancy on the academic performance of students. Purpose of the study The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors causing truancy among pupil in Akure South Local Government Area in Ondo state, the major purpose therefore was: Data was analyzed using simple percentage and chi-square was used in testing the research hypothesis.

For these reasons, families and citizens especially the youth and children now pay more attention to education. Credit recovery opportunities can be the difference between a high school dropout and a high school graduate.

These students need to be referred to your intervention team for additional support. In other words, credit-recovery programs need to address the challenges that prevented students from previous success.

The homes, school and the society must relate closely and as well adopt a communicative approach, which should mostly involve both the parents and the truants along with their teachers.

Oehme and Franzke, Truancy is one of the major antisocial discipline problems among secondary school students in Nigeria.Truancy is one of the disciplinary acts that is common in our secondary schools. It is not unusual to see students roaming the street during school hours.

This study is based on the effects of truancy on academic students in Ogbomoso south in Oyo state. It is important to note that truancy has negative effects on academic performance of students. "Causes And Effects Of Truancy On Academic Performance Of Pupils In Schools" Essays and Research Papers Causes And Effects Of Truancy On Academic Performance Of Pupils In Schools class on the academic performance of the pupils.

Truancy: Causes, Effects, and Solutions 7 incarceration. Moreover, truancy exerts a negative effect on community because of its correlation with delinquency, crime, and other negative adult outcomes.


BY IDRIS ABDULLAHI ABSTRACT This research work was carried out to examine the effects of truancy on academic performance of primary school pupils in Edati Local Government area of Niger State.

the effects of truancy on students academic performance: a case study of some selected secondary schools in orhionmwon local government area of edo state ABSTRACT This project work was carried out in order to examine the effects of truancy on the academic performance of students in Orhionmwon Local Government Area of Edo State.

Aug 06,  · Academic Performance: This is the grade mark that an individual pupils scores in class work or examination as used in comparison with the effect of truancy on their (pupils) academic performance.

Psychological: It means the refusing to let person go to somewhere.

Causes and effects of truancy on academic performance of pupils in schools
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