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The level of air pollution depends on the type and amount of pollutants released from various sources. Recycle the sewage or in all events it can be disposed of in such a way as to prevent it from polluting the environment. The biosphere in which living beings have their sustenance has oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon and water vapor.

Select Page Air Pollution Essay Air pollution refers to the contamination of atmospheric air due to the presence of some substances and gases from anthropogenic or natural sources which have harmful and poisonous effects. In order to reduce the level of air pollution we should bring some huge changes to our habits on daily basis.

The smoke left behind the automobiles and other vehicular traffic, the increasing use of synthetic detergents, nitrogen fertilizers and insecticides contaminate both air and water.

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Such polluted air is causing health problems, diseases and death. Chemical waste resulting from industry can pollute lakes, rivers and seas and soil too as well as releasing fumes. Air pollution is increasing day by day because of the increasing number of industries.

Discharge of Factory wastes in rivers should be banned so as to make the river-water free from pollution.

Pollution Essay in Hindi – प्रदूषण की समस्या पर निबंध

The pall of smoke, the swirling gases, industrial effluents and the fall-out of scientific experiments became constant health hazards, polluting and contaminating both air and water.

Solution What then is the remedy? Sources and Causes The sources and causes of environmental pollution includes the following: There are many reasons behind regularly increasing this air pollution. All the pollutants are being in contact with the atmosphere, destroying the ozone layer and calling harmful rays of sun to the earth.

Apart from essay on air pollution, you can get other related essays and related information such as: Write a good college application essay biography. Household and commercial waste pollutes the environment when not disposed of properly.

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Daily human being activities causing dangerous chemicals to release, making atmosphere dirtier than ever and forcing the climate change negatively. Secondary pollutants are those affecting the air indirectly by chemical interactions to the primary pollutants and other atmospheric constituents such as sulphur-trioxide, ozone, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, etc.

Some of the air pollutants from the man-made sources are like smokes, dust, fumes, particulate matters, gases from kitchen, domestic heating, emissions from different vehicles, use of insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, heat created from power plants, smokes, fly ash, etc.

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The Government can at least see that future factories are set up at a distant place, an industrial complex far away from the township. Many scientists believe that we are living in an era of mass extinction, due to human made environmental pollution. Essay writing service reviews uk Essay writing service reviews uk write an essay about your birthday card for lover sisters word essay on respect hundreds single page essay format to landscape in word paragraph essay rubric documents college essay rules writing zone essay on trees for class 10 in hindi.

The quest of human-beings for knowledge and search for security succeeded in exploring newer and wider avenues of mysteries that remained baffling so long. Rapid growth of population, industrialization, increased use of automobiles, aeroplanes, etc has made this issue a serious environmental problem.

Deforestation should be stopped and Forestry should be developed. It can also cause deafness, tiredness, and mental losses. Such green house gases again causing green house effect and forcing sea levels to increase, glaciers to melt, weather to change, climate to change, etc.

Increasing population density is demanding the need of more industrialization which ultimately causes air pollution. The World Health Organization also set up an international network for the monitoring and study of air pollution on a global scale and for devising possible remedies.

As we all know that fresh air is the most important element of the healthy life, we need to think that what happens if whole atmospheric air gets dirty.

Air Pollutants like harmful liquid droplets, solids particulates, and toxic gases oxides of carbon, halogenated and non-halogenated hydrocarbons, nitrogen and sulphur gases, suspended inorganic particulate matters, inorganic and organic acids, bacteria, viruses, insecticides etc which are generally not the constituents of fresh air are very hazardous to the plant and animal life.हिंदी निबंध, निबंध लेखन, Hindi Essay, Hindi Nibandh.

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Essay on Environmental Pollution: Causes, Effects and Solution

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Short Paragraph on the Air Pollution in Hindi

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Air pollution essay in hindi
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